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Long hairstyles for teenagers are all about having fun, being creative, and expressing oneself. Long hair offers countless styling options, regardless of your preference for straightforward or complex looks. This book will cover the reasons for teens’ desire of long haircuts, 38 amazing long hairstyles for teens, how to manage long hair while attending school, and some helpful styling advice. Let’s get started and find the ideal long haircut for you!

Why Do Teens Choose Long Hairstyles?

Long hairstyles for teenagers are quite in right now, and there are a few reasons why. To start, long hair has a lot of versatility. It can be worn loose or in a weave, bun, hair in a pony, or other style. Teenagers may show their individuality and try out new appearances thanks to this range.

38 Long Hairstyles for Teenagers

Long hairstyles for teenagers can wear numerous stylish and effortless looks. Consider these 38 hairstyles, which range from basic daily looks to more distinctive and fashionable designs.

1. Neat and Straight

To achieve this timeless look, straighten the curls for a sleek appearance. To start, prevent the hair from being damaged by heat by spraying on a heat protectant. After that, use the straightener to get a polished appearance. This hairstyle leaves the hair looking put together and elegant for any event.

2. Waves on the Beach

Beach waves give the hair thickness and structure for a carefree style. For an authentic look, use fingertips to tuck in the loose curls that are created with a curled wand. This look gives the hair a freewheeling vibe and is perfect for informal get-togethers.

3. Half-Down, Half-Up

This adaptable look involves letting the bottom part of your hair straight and tucking the upper part into a loose ponytail or bun. It’s a fantastic method to flaunt your length while keeping hair out of your face. You can opt to maintain it basic or glam it by adding a hair item.

4. Elevated Ponytail

Both functional and fashionable are high ponytails. Put an elastic band on the hair for a playful twist after securing it high on your head. This hairstyle looks fantastic for schools or athletic events and gets the hair away from the way.

5. Crown Braided

Two portions of hair from every side of your head should be braided, then pinned in the back to make a crown for a bohemian style. This design adds an air of romance to how you look and is ideal for festivities or events of any kind.

6. Braided Fishtail

Although it appears difficult, this elaborate braid is simple to make. Divide the hair into two parts, then gently pull a little length from one side across the other. The fishtail braid is ideal for every event and gives the look a distinctive touch.

7. Clumsy Bun

An easy and fashionable look for a messy bun, ideal for hectic mornings. For a carefree style, pull the locks into a bun and allow some strands to tumble freely. Your hair stays out of the way in this relaxed design, which is perfect for lazy days.

8. Braid on the Side

For a casual, stylish look, brush the hair to the side and tie a loose braid, this will look best when we talk of long hairstyles for teenagers. This style gives the hair a whimsical twist and is ideal for everyday use. It keeps your hair neat and is simple to do.

9. Short ponytail

A low ponytail looks chic and elegant. Put it in place at the back of your neck to look put together. This look is adaptable and simple to put on, so it’s appropriate for formal occasions and educational settings.

10. Braid in Holland

The Dutch plait gives the hairdo dimension and passion, much to an inverse spin on a French plait. This braid adds additional texture to the hair by starting at the top of the head and working its way downwards.

11. Upper Knot

A high knot is fashionable as well as useful. Put your hair up in a high bun to give off a put-together, stylish appearance. This hairstyle is fantastic for every situation and is an excellent method to keep the hair out of the way.

12. The Waterfall Braid

This lovely braid gives the long hair a romantic feel as it pours downwards like a waterfall. One portion of hair must be braided while the remaining sections are left loose. This look is ideal for formal events.

13. Space Buns

Space buns are a novel and entertaining hairstyle that entails splitting the hair into two halves and wearing a bun on every side of the head. For festivities or days when you’d like to try afresh, this whimsical design is ideal.

14. Untied Curls

Using an iron to curl, generate loose, voluminous curls that add dimension and motion for a glossy appearance. This look gives the hair a vibrant, lively look and is ideal for festivals or celebrations.

15. Half-Up Twisted

For a basic yet sophisticated half-up look, twist two pieces of hair from your forehead and tie them to the back. This style gives the hair an elegant look and is quite simple to achieve. Let’s move on to see other long hairstyles for teenagers.

16. Drawn-Through Weave

This braid is simple to make, yet it seems complicated. To achieve a distinctive look, divide your hair into pieces and draw it over using tiny hair ties. When you’re seeking something unique and striking, this kind of look is perfect.

17. Braided Headband

Braid a little strand of hair from a single side and wrap it around your head to wear it as a headband. Using a bobby pin, fasten it to the opposite side. This looks good and serves a practical purpose by keeping the hair out of the way and providing a nice feature. It is adaptable for every situation and looks great with natural hair or an updo. You can add flowers or ornamental pins to improve the appearance.

18. Traditional Braid

The traditional braid is classic and simple to execute. All you have to do is separate the hair into three parts and plait them together. Your hair stays nice and tidy in this style, which is ideal for any event. Given the occasion, one can put it in the middle or off to one side and style it up or down. Another excellent style for keeping hair manageable all day is the basic braid.

19. A bubbly ponytail

The classic ponytail can be given an updated look by using tiny hair ties to create “bubbles” throughout the length of the hairstyle. First, pull your hair back into a standard ponytail. Your hair should first be pulled back into a normal ponytail. Next, add hair ties spaced along the ponytail’s length, gently tugging the hair around each knot to produce a bubble look. This lively hairstyle is simple to achieve and ideal for schools or informal get-togethers because it gives the hair an innocent touch.

20. The Sleek Bun

On formal occasions, a sleek bun looks great. Restyle your hair into a sleek, sophisticated low or high bun. To hold any flyaways in place, apply a brush along with a gel or hairspray. This elegant look is suitable for formal occasions and outings. The sleek bun keeps your hair nicely controlled and groomed while being both useful and fashionable.

21. Curled Bun

Before putting your hair in a bun, twist some of it to provide some structure and intrigue. First, take two front-facing hair parts, twist them, bring them to the side, and secure them into a bun. A distinctive take on the classic bun, this style is simple to make. Ideal for professional and informal settings, providing a flexible appearance that may be taken up or down.

22. Double Knots

For a lively, athletic appearance, part the hair into two portions and plait them all together. Make a center parting in the ponytail and braid each side separately. With this look, your hair is kept in place and out of the way, making it ideal for busy days. Additionally, ideal for an upbeat, young look, double braids can be accessorized with vibrant ribbons or ponytail bands.

23. Bends in the Side

Curls should be swept to one edge for a glitzy, red carpet-ready look. Soft curls can be produced with a curling iron. Once the waves are all carefully pushed towards a single side, they can be secured with bobby pins if necessary. Adding a dramatic accent to the hair, it is ideal for big occasions. 

24. Unconventional Braids

Make tiny braids all over your hair to achieve a bohemian, festival-appropriate style. Choose tiny portions of the hair at randomly to plait; let the remainder of your hair loose. This look gives the hair a casual vibe and is ideal for summertime activities. Simple to do, bohemian braids look great when paired with little blooms or beads for an added pop of colour.

25. Elegant Ponytail

A clean and elegant pony is ideal for academic settings. Straighten the curls into a secure ponytail with the brush and gel. Use a hair tie to keep it in place, then use a tiny bit of gel or sprays to smooth down any flyaways. 

26. Braids for Milkmaids

For a look that is reminiscent of the past, make two ponytails and tie them around the top of the head before putting them in position. After dividing your hair in half, braid each portion, hoist the braids over your head, and fasten them with a pair of bobby pins. This is a beautiful design that is ideal for special events. A distinctively classic and refined look is provided by milkmaid braids.

27. Waves With Layers

To give your long hair extra bounce and volume, add sections and shape it with waves. To enhance the multilayered operation, apply curling tools or curlers to produce delicate waves. Your hair will appear fuller and more dimensional with this style. 

28. Accents with Flowers

Use flower pins or small blossoms to adorn the hair to create a light, springtime appearance. Just scatter the blossoms or clips all over your hair, paying special attention to the sides and the spaces surrounding braids and buns. This look is ideal for occasions held outside or for when you’d like to incorporate some natural elements into your hair. Applying floral embellishments is simple and adds a delicate, genuine touch to your hairdo instantaneously.

29. A Ponytail with Accessories

Among all long hairstyles for teenagers this is the most common type. For a vibrant and lively touch, tie an accessory or ribbons in your tail. Simply fasten your ponytail with an elastic band, then wrap the scarf or ribbon over the center of the ponytail. 

30. Falling Curls

Allow your curls to fall down on the back for a gorgeous, voluminous appearance. For a gentler look, use your fingertips to softly brush over the large, lively curls you created with a curling iron. This design offers the hair an entirely, opulent appearance and is ideal for official occasions. For occasions when you’re looking to leave an impression, cascading curls are sophisticated and striking.

31. Back-Pinned Waves

For a straightforward yet stylish look, clip up the most prominent parts of the hair and leave the remaining pieces in natural waves. The front sections of your hair should be secured at the rear of the head with hairpins or tiny clips.

32. Bun Half-Up

Gather the top portion of your hair into a bun, leaving the remainder loose. This looks great with both loose and bun hairstyles. Collect the top portion of your hair, knot it into a bun, and fasten it with clips or a hair tie. You can wear the balance of the hair straight or curled. Getting hair out of the way and highlighting your long locks, this look is both stylish and useful.

33. Retro Waves

Use a curling tool and curling spray to create curls that have an urge to go retro. Employ setting spray to secure your deep, well-defined waves. This look is ideal for special occasions or themed parties since it evokes the glitz and grandeur of vintage Hollywood. Aged waves provide a chic look.

34. Frizzed Out Hair

For a playful, textured look ideal for a vintage style, crinkle your hair. Create tiny, zigzag waves in the hair with a curling iron. This fun design adds plenty of texture and volume. For events or when you’re looking to try everything new and daring, crinkled hair looks fantastic.

35. Spin in French

A French twist is classy and classic, ideal for formal events. At the back of your neck, gather the curls, twist it towards the sky, tuck its ends inside the twist, and fasten with the pins. This elegant and refined look is perfect for proms, weddings, and other important occasions. The French twist imparts a sophisticated and polished look.

36. Braided Rope

For a distinctive and fashionable style, make a rope plait by twisting two pieces of hair over one another. After dividing the hair into two portions, twist each one clockwise and then anticlockwise to bring them together. Use a hair tie to tie off the end. This braiding style is easy to construct and has a unique appearance that sets it apart from other braid styles. Below are two more long hairstyles for teenagers to take a look at.

37. Glitzy Waves

For enormous, beautiful waves, use an iron to curl or heavy rollers. To achieve soft, generous waves, roll huge sections of hair, allow them to set, and then softly brush through. This design offers the hair an entirety, and a beautiful appearance, and is ideal for official events. Glam waves are perfect to leave an impression because they are sophisticated and striking.

38. Linear with Bends

Bangs combined with straight locks create a contemporary, edgy style. After straightening your hair with a straightener, cut your fringe to the length you want. This stylish and classy style gives your long hair a modern vibe. Bangs add versatility to straight hair, which can be styled up for formal events or styled simply.

How to Take Care of Your Long Hair in Class

Long hairstyles for teenagers can be difficult to maintain, particularly when they have a demanding academic schedule. The following advice will help you maintain healthy, manageable long hair:

  • Typical Trims: For healthy, split-end-free hair, have your hair groomed every 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Hydrate: To maintain your hair flexible and moisturized, apply a decent conditioner. Plus, a leave-in conditioner works wonders.
  • Protect: When using any heat processing products, such as irons for curling or hair straighteners, apply a heat-resistant spray.
  • Brush Carefully: To prevent breakage, gently untangle the hair with a wide-tooth comb, beginning at the ends of your hair and then working your way up.
  • Tie It Up: When putting your hair up, use gentle knots to avoid breaking it.

Advice for Improving Hairstyle

Long hairstyles for teenagers can be imaginative and entertaining to style. The following advice will help you style more successfully and more easily:

  • Get Your Hair Ready: Start with dry, clean hair. Choose shampoo and conditioner that are appropriate for the type of hair you have.
  • Use the Correct Tools: Make a decent investment in heat-styling tools, combs, and brushes. The way your looks turn out might be greatly influenced by high-quality tools.
  • It Takes Practice to Make Perfect: To avoid feeling rushed in the morning, experiment with different styles during your spare time. You’ll get stronger the more you practice.
  • Accessorise: To give your look a unique touch, accessorize your hair with bands, clips, and scarves. They can add a unique touch to even basic haircuts.
  • Watch Tutorials: Go online and search for hairstyle tutorials. You may pick up new skills and styles with the aid of innumerable tutorials and videos.

In summary

Long hairstyles for teenagers provide countless opportunities for individuality and inventiveness. There’s a long hairstyle that’s ideal for you, regardless of your preference for smooth, straightforward patterns or elaborate braids. Your long hair may look amazing each day if you take proper treatment of it and follow style advice. One of the finest ways to showcase your character and sense of style is through your hair, so don’t be afraid of trying new things and play with it!


1. What are the easiest long hairstyles for teenagers for school?

A ponytail or messy bun are quick and easy styles for busy school mornings. Ponytails keep hair neat and stylish, while messy buns are trendy and require minimal effort. Both styles can be completed quickly, and personalizing with a scrunchie accessory can further enhance the look.

2. How can I prevent my long hair from getting tangled?

Regular brushing is crucial for preventing tangles in long hair. Use a wide-tooth comb or detangling brush to gently remove knots. Apply a leave-in conditioner for smooth hair. Tying your hair in a loose braid or ponytail at night can also help reduce tangling.

3. What products are best for long hairstyles for teenagers?

A heat protectant spray is essential for styling long hair using heat tools like straighteners or curling irons to prevent damage. A smoothing serum manages frizz and adds shine, while lightweight hairspray holds styles in place without feeling stiff or sticky, ensuring a long-lasting look, especially for long hairstyles for teenagers.

4. How often should I wash my long hair?

Long hair should be washed 2-3 times a week, depending on the type. Overwashing can strip hair of natural oils, leading to dryness. If oily, dry shampoo can be used between washes. A balance between washing frequency and hair type is crucial for maintaining health and appearance.

5. Can I style my long hair without heat?

Long hair can be styled without heat using braids for waves and buns for curls. These gentle methods allow hair to be set overnight and are suitable for all hair types. Hair accessories like clips, headbands, and scarves can also be used to create different looks without heat, resulting in beautiful styles.

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