10 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Women’s Short Hairstyle

Short hair was very hard to accept but now things are changing and we are accepting all the styles created across the globe. Women are now willing to opt for short hairstyles as most women are working and do not have the time to take care of their hair so the best way is to get a short haircut. Short haircut looks good on most of the faces and with all the hair types. You can do variations on short haircuts, there are plenty of hairstyles for short hairs. Here are Popular Short Haircuts for Women.

1. Pulled- Back bob

 Pulled- Back bob short hairstyle on shelikepink

Pulled-Back Bob gives a stylish look and adds volume to your hair. To Create this look leave your hair loose and try to keep pulling it back with your fingers. If you want a slick look, you can apply gel on your hair and then finish off the look. This is a perfect short hairstyle you can go for.

2. Long Bangs pixie

Long Bangs pixie short hairstyle on shelikepink

It is very versatile and suits every face shape. If you have a long face longbangs will make your face stand out. You can add side-swept bangs to soften your jawline. If you have a round face to avoid blunt bangs it will make your face appear wider. For an oval face, you don’t have to worry you can opt for long bangs with a pixie. Want to make a dramatic look? Go for this short hairstyle!

3. Spiky Bob

Spiky Bob short hairstyle for women on shelikepink

Bob cut is one of the coolest hairstyles and if you add spikes to it, certainly it will reach another level of styling. You can apply hair gel to make the spikes stay for a longer period. If you want messy hair you can use your fingers to spike it up.

4. Carved pixie

Carved pixie short hairstyle for women on shelikepink

This look is perfect for the red carpet and to add definition to your face you can wear red lipstick. To create this look use some steel clips, a curler, and hair gel to carve the hair to make carved pixie hairstyles. You can also do wavy hair to get a more flat-laying look. A good short hairstyle option!

5. Blunt Collarbone Bob

Blunt Collarbone Bob short hairstyle for women on shelikepink

This short hairstyle is timeless and gives a modern touch. It just falls around the collarbone area and is suitable for those who want low maintenance and still want to look stylish. You can go for a sleek and polished look with these haircuts by applying shine serum to add extra gloss.

6. Fringed Lob

Fringed Lob short hairstyle for women on shelikepink

It’s always for those who want a short haircut, but not too short. It’s also known as long bob which is stylish and versatile. In this, the hair falls between the shoulders and the collarbone area and the best part about this haircut is the fringe that frames the face. The fringes can be blunt, wispy, or side-swept bangs with a unique touch to short hairstyle.

7. Short Mohawk

Short Mohawk short hairstyle for women on shelikepink

The short Mohawk is very trendy and perfect for those who want a haircut with volume and movement. The hair falls between your chin and the upper ears and the defining features of this haircut are the layers cut throughout the head. You can add variations by adding fringes and hair parting. Try this short hairstyle if you want something funky.

8. Curly Lob

Curly Lob short hairstyle for women on shelikepink

Curly Lob is popularly known as a long bob for curly hair. It is a very stylish and versatile option for those people who have curly hair. In this, the hair falls between the shoulder and the collarbone area highlighting your natural curls. You can do variations by adding layers, fringes, and hair parting. A good short hairstyle look for people aspiring the 90’s look.

9. Mohawk chin Bob

Mohawk chin Bob short hairstyle for women on shelikepink

This hairstyle is suitable for those who want an easy maintenance yet stylish look with an added touch of volume. The hair falls exactly at the chin and choppy layers are cut throughout the head which adds volume and texture to the bob. This short hairstyle is suitable for all hair types from straight to wavy.

10. Short Hair Long Fringe

Short Hair Long Fringe short hairstyle for women on shelikepink

This hairstyle gives a sophisticated, playful, and edgy look. Here you can do variation in long fringe by adding Blunt Bangs, Wispy bangs, and side swept bangs. By choosing the wright long fringe and short haircut you can create a balanced and flattering look for your face. In this, it’s important to go to salons for regular trims.

There are an ample number of popular short haircuts for women. The above are some of those. You can create more and more styles by playing with techniques.

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