Try These 13 Simple And Fast Short Straight Hairstyles

Fast Short Straight Hairstyles shelikepink

Easy Short straight hairstyles are very much in fashion  these days. We have ample of designs in Simple short hairstyles  which looks really pretty. All you need to do is have a best haircut which suits according to your face shape, head shape and texture of your hair. Its low maintenance and cost effective. 

These days we actually need things that are low maintenance  as we are too busy with our work that we don’t have time  to take care of our hair. So what we do is choose short straight hairs which are frizz free and easy to handle. There are various styles for short straight hairstyles. Some of them are:

1. Curved Blunt Bob cut

Curved Blunt Bob cut short straight hairstyle

The Blunt Bob cut is perfect for the Red Carpet look. It actually stands out from all the other short haircuts.  We should always take a round brush or a blow dryer to curve the ends to avoid creating a triangular look.

2. Slanted  Bob

Slanted  Bob short straight hairstyle on shelikepink

It is shorter in the back and longer at the front. This gives a classic look with slick layers that can be done to suit any face shape. But it requires high maintenance  so you should visit your stylist frequently to keep your hairstyle in perfect shape. This is a good choice for Short Straight Hairstyles.

3. Pixie cut

pixie cut short straight hairstyle

It looks the best on Straight hairs. This style is very clean and girly at the same time. Many celebrities carry this hairstyle pretty well. But you should visit your salon for frequent trims.Its very low maintenance yet very edgy and stylish.

4. Broad Bangs

Broad Bangs short straight hairstyle on shelikepink

It’s full of fringes, straight cut across the forehead This style is neat and simple to create. While doing this hair cut we should stick to the natural colours that compliment your hair length and complexion. It gives a very bold and statement look. Try on this Short Straight Hairstyle!

5. Round Bob

Round Bob short straight hairstyle

This hair cut is the latest trend of this season. It’s perfect for a round face, one celebrity Ashlee who is a singer has done this hairstyle which looks perfect on her. But you should visit the salon on a frequent basis.

6. Bob with Blunts

Bob with Blunts straight hairstyle

 This gives a gorgeous  and contemporary look. People who have an oval face shape can go for this look to create a quirky look by adding colours to the hairs. It adds style and versatility with low maintenance. If you are bold enough this hairstyle form Short Straight Hairstyles can be very intriguing choice.

7. Combed

 Combed straight hairstyle on shelikepink

This haircut looks really cool and stunning. Rihanna does the same look in which she looks really cool. Use a flat iron to create this look more prominent.

8. Flaxen And Polished

It gives a Boyish look which looks perfect for a round face  and it also  highlights  your eyes beautifully. Many celebrities carry this haircut. This Short Straight Hairstyle is manageable and looks stylish.

9. Razor cut

Razor cut is done by taking fine strands of hair with thinner ends. It gives you a very bold look ,so if you want to look bold then it’s perfect for you.  It is ideal for women who have thick hair and want to reduce the volume of the hair.

10. Curly Fringe

If you have curly hair it’s just perfect for you. It is low maintenance  and looks more flattering and natural. It helps to frame your face and enhance your personality. This style looks super cute and stylish.

11. Curvy Bob

It gives volume to your hair, so if you have thin hair then you can go with this haircut. You can use a quick blow dry to create this look. This style looks good on straight and wavy hair. If you have a round face then you can opt this style. This Short Straight Hairstyle is high maintenance and requires regular trimming to keep the cut in shape.

12. Airy Bob

This Airy bob is just above your collarbones and suitable for many face shapes.  It’s  for those who want stylish looks with low maintenance. This style looks good on straight hairs so if you have curly hair then you should straighten your to get the desired look

13. Angled Lob

It’s for those who don’t want fully short hair, so they can opt for this hairstyle. This style is super stylish and versatile. It adds volume and definition to the hair. It looks good on many hair types or face shapes. 

There are many types of short hairstyles, the above are only the popular and the most chosen ones. 

Questions And Answers

1.Which fast short haircut can give volume to the hairs and also gives a sleek look?

Curvy Bob style and Razor cut can give  volume  to the hair and for the sleek look you can go with a slanted Bob haircut.

2. Which look is suitable for curly hairs and what are the things we should avoid on curly hair?

Curly Bob can look good on women who have curly hair. Women who have curly hair should avoid using straighteners frequently and if they sometime use it then apply heat protection to avoid damages.

3.What are the trendy short haircuts and are these haircuts cost effective?

Round Bob , Combed are some of the trendy haircuts. Yes, it is cost effective as it requires high maintenance to make the haircut look perfect.

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