The Top 11 Essie Nail Polish Shades for Your Own Collection

11 Best essie Nail Polish Colors to Add to Your Collection

Want to step up your nail game with some gorgeous colours but don’t know where to start? No need to look any further! This blog post features a handpicked list of the 11 greatest Essie nail paint colours that are currently sold on Amazon. These Essie nail polish colours are ideal for spicing up your manicure with a dash of colour and fashion. Essie provides a diverse selection of colours, ranging from vivid tones to timeless neutrals, to accommodate every imaginable disposition and event. As we continue on with this exciting journey, you should get ready to learn the advantages and disadvantages of each colour of nail paint.

Essie Ballet Slippers:

essie Ballet Slippers is a pale pink shade that is described as being soft and delicate, and it oozes elegance and sophistication. Ballet Slippers is a classic that will never go out of style.

✔️Pros: The hue is adaptable, making it ideal for day-to-day use, and it is universally flattering.

❌Cons: Requires numerous coats for opacity.

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Essie Mint Candy:

essie Mint Candy Apple is a refreshing and cool mint green hue that provides a fun and whimsical touch to any manicure. The name of this shade comes from the candy apple that resembles a mint.

✔️Pros: The formula is chip-resistant and the colour is unique, making it perfect for spring and summer.

❌Cons: To get full opacity, it may take a few coats of paint.

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Essie Fiji: 

essie Fiji is a stunning opaque creamy pink shade that produces a clean and polished look, reminiscent of a tropical paradise. This shade was named after the island of Fiji in the South Pacific.

✔️Pros: It has a lovely pastel tone, is perfect for summer, and is easy to apply.

❌Cons: If the product is not applied carefully, it may leave streaks.

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Essie Wicked:

essie Wicked is a rich and vampy deep red colour with a tinge of black, and it is ideal for creating a manicure that is both daring and sophisticated.

✔️Pros: The colour payoff is intense, it lasts a long time, and it’s perfect for fall and winter.

❌Cons: Nails may become discoloured if not utilised in conjunction with a base coat.

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Essie Eternal Optimist:

essie Eternal Optimist is a charming rosy mauve colour that lends a touch of femininity and elegance to any nail look. It is available in the brand’s Eternal Optimist collection.

✔️Pros: The benefits include a seamless application, a versatile hue that can be worn during any season, and a compatibility with all skin tones.

❌Cons: It could take two coats to get full opaqueness.

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Essie Lady Like:

Lady Like is a subdued and dusty mauve colour that will give your nails a refined and understated appeal. The name of this shade comes from the song “Lady Like.”

✔️Pros: The formula is long-lasting, the hue is sophisticated and adaptable, and it looks good with any outfit.

❌Cons: Requires numerous coats for complete coverage.

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Essie Bikini So Teeny:

essie Bikini So Teeny is a stunning sky blue colour with a faint sheen that is reminiscent of a beautiful summer sky. The name of this polish comes from the phrase “Bikini So Teeny.”

✔️Pros: The colour is fun and colourful, it is chip resistant, and it is excellent for the summer and for going on vacation.

❌Cons: To achieve full opacity, it may take three coats.

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Essie Chinchilly:

essie Chinchilly is a trendy and neutral grey hue with a hint of taupe that offers a contemporary and sleek nail aesthetic. Chinchilly is available in a wide range of essie colours.

✔️Pros: The benefits include a colour that is chic and on-trend, is adaptable to a variety of skin tones, and is simple to apply.

❌cons: If the product is not applied thoroughly, it may have streaks.

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Essie Marshmallow:

essie Marshmallow is a creamy white colour that is great for generating a fashionable and contemporary style. It offers a manicure that is clean and minimalistic, which is just what you need to do.

✔️Pros: The colour is clean and crisp, it works well for nail art, and it provides a nice amount of coverage.

❌Cons: The finish may be little streaky, and many coats may be necessary.

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Essie Bahama Mama:

essie Bahama Mama is a deep plum colour that has undertones of red and brown. It gives your nails a touch of richness and adds a touch of warmth.

✔️Pros:The formula is long-lasting and the colour is beautiful and adaptable; it is perfect for the autumn and winter seasons.

❌Cons: Nails may become discoloured if not utilised in conjunction with a base coat.

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Essie Sugar Daddy:

Sugar Daddy by essie is a sheer and understated pale pink colour that provides your nails with the look of being natural as well as polished.

✔️Pros: The colour is adaptable and can be used for any event, and it gives the nails a radiant glow.

❌Cons: Due to the sheer nature of the formula, many applications may be necessary to achieve the desired colour.

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Are Essie nail polishes long-lasting?

Yes, many Essie nail polishes are known for their long-lasting formula. They can resist chipping and maintain their vibrant color for several days.

What about the application process? Is it easy to apply?

Applying Essie nail polish is pretty straightforward. The brush is designed for easy and even application. Just make sure to start with a base coat and finish with a topcoat for the best results.

Are there any unique features about Essie nail polishes?

One unique aspect is the witty and creative names they give to their shades. It adds a fun element to the whole experience. Plus, they’re free of many harmful chemicals like formaldehyde and DBP.

Can I find Essie nail polish in local stores?

Absolutely! You can find Essie nail polish in many local drugstores, beauty supply shops, and even some department stores. It’s readily available.

Any tips for making my Essie nail polish last longer?

To make your Essie nail polish last longer, use a quality base coat and topcoat. Apply thin, even layers, and avoid overloading the brush with polish. Also, be sure to let each layer dry before adding another.

Sounds great. What’s your favorite Essie nail polish shade?

I love ‘Ballet Slippers.’ It’s a timeless pale pink that goes well with almost any outfit.


If you use these 11 Essie nail polish colours, you will definitely take your manicure game to new heights. Essie offers a broad spectrum of colours, ranging from delicate pastels to dark and dramatic vampy tones, to cater to a variety of aesthetics and personal preferences. There is a colour option suitable for every event, whether you want to go for a look that is timeless and elegant or one that exudes vivacity and fun. Always remember to use a base coat in addition to a top coat for the best possible protection and longevity. So go ahead and make your nail polish collection complete by adding these breathtaking shades of Essie nail polish, and allow your nails to become a canvas for your unique sense of style and self-expression.

Please be aware that the offered product descriptions are based on general information as well as user reviews that were accessible on Amazon at the time this article was written. It is usually advisable to perform extensive research and read reviews before purchasing any nail polish in order to guarantee that the polish satisfies your particular requirements, tastes, and hopes.

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