Best 20 Japanese Short Bob Hairstyles You Should Try

The Japanese people enjoy their unique cultural style. Japanese fashion is distinct, hip, and on-trend, and that includes their hair. From dressing like an anime character to channeling the K-Pop vibe. Japanese people don’t hesitate to take a chance and attempt something novel when it comes to haircuts. View some of our favorite Japanese short bob to see one you might want to try out for yourself.


When it comes to short hairstyles, layers are usually in style, but these layers are positioned in a spot we wouldn’t have ever considered.

Boyish Pixie

In Japanese culture, this boyish pixie is fashionable and stunning on everyone. Choose this Japanese short bob!


A common hairstyle in Japanese culture is the blunt bob. To achieve the ultimate straightness, combine it with a lovely side bang and straighten it with a hair straightener. It is low maintainence Japanese short bob.


This textured pixie is lovely and easy to achieve. A perfect option for Japanese short bob.

Curls with Bangs

Although short, wispy fringe are common, styling them evenly into the hair and pairing them with a lovely wavy bob cut really elevates the overall style. Be bold with Japanese short bob.

Girl next door

The “girl next door” short hairstyle is all about a sweet and friendly look that accentuates your inherent beauty and complements the shape of your face. This Japanese short bob can be as attractive and simple as longer hairstyles.

Traditional Bob

This Japanese short bob style existed before the wavy lobs we see today.

Overgrown Bob

On everyone, this magnificent overgrown bob will look stunning. If you want a big shift, pair it with a lovely light colour.

Center Part

For maximum volume and a stunning look, a center part is a fantastic hairstyle to apply.

Light Lob

Consider coloring your hair this lovely light brown shade rather than platinum blonde. Put on a Japanese short bob and enjoy your new appearance.

Full Bang

Accept your original hair color while attempting a full bang for a striking new appearance.


When it comes to their short hairdo, everyone should have wispy fringe and volume.

Messy Pixie

This cute messy pixie cut is simple to style in the morning. The best option for Japanese short bob.

Brushed Back

Your hair has a lot of shape and looks beautiful with a center part and brushed back style.

Micro Bangs

Micro fringe are original and fashionable. Although it could be intimidating to try, if you want a dramatic cut. Japanese short bob is the way to go.


For us, the peak period may be over, but Japanese culture is still in full swing. To give your hair a lot of character, get attractive highlights of your own.


This is a key Japanese short bob style that appears in editorials and looks stunning on everyone.

Imperfect Bob

This bob is a beautiful shape, and you can achieve a great imperfect look with only a little product. 

Side Bang

The entire hairstyle will look wonderful when you style side fringe with a bob haircut because they are still extremely in style.

Rounded Bob

Your hair will have a beautiful shape thanks to this rounded bob, which is also timeless.

Shaggy Bob

A shaggy bob in a gorgeous colour is perfect for changing up your appearance.

Unique Bob

Anyone will look stunning in this magnificent bob, especially when worn with a lovely bang.

Pixie with Micro Bangs

If you pair a pixie cut with micro fringe, your entire hairdo will seem cool.

On Top Long

The hair will stay off your neck with this long on top and buzzed on bottom style, giving you plenty of styling options.


Curling the edges out will add some movement to your lengthier bob.

Natural Bob

Keep a little length in your hair by cutting it in a longer bob style, then let it air dry naturally to create a playful, wavy Japanese short bob style.

Side Part

This side-parted pixie looks gorgeous and is simple to style and maintain.

Full Bob

Your face will get a lot of attention with this gorgeous bob. 

FAQ For Japanese Short Bob Hairstyle

What is a Japanese Short Bob Hairstyle?

 Stylish hairstyle known as a Japanese Short Bob Hairstyle is distinguished by its short length, usually above the shoulders, with clear lines and a clearly defined shape. It frequently has characteristics like blunt ends and precise cutting, and for extra style, it could also include layers or texture.

Is a Japanese Short Bob suitable for all hair types?

Japanese Short Bobs can look good on a variety of hair types, but it’s important to speak with a hairstylist who can tailor the style to fit your particular face shape and hair texture.

What products should I use to maintain my Japanese Short Bob Hairstyle?

Use high-quality shampoos, conditioners, and style aids made for short hair to preserve your Japanese Short Bob. These can improve the texture and volume while preserving the style.

How do I choose the right Japanese Short Bob style for my face shape?

Your face shape will determine the best Japanese Short Bob style for you. Consult a hairstylist who may suggest a cut that suits your face shape, whether it is round, oval, square, or heart-shaped.

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