10 Ponytail Hairstyles That Will Make You Look Fabulous in 2024

The ponytail hairstyle is versatile and always very much in fashion. You can carry this hairstyle with any outfit either Indian or Western matter how your hair type is or the texture of your hair, it will suit every type. Like a black outfit is always in fashion, so are ponytail hairstyles. You can do a high ponytail, a low ponytail or a braided one all look good on every occasion whether it’s a wedding, night out, or at work. You can count on Ponytail hairstyles when you are in a rush. What you have to do is just tie a high ponytail. If you want to add braids you can do that also and you are good to go. Here are 10 ponytail hairstyles that will make you look fabulous.

1. Bouncy Pony

Bouncy Ponytail can never go wrong for any occasion. This adds volume and texture to the hair. You can simply tie your hair and take some strands of hair around the ponytail to conceal it. Do not use a tight rubber band to tie your hair, it will give you a flat look just try to loosen them up.

2. Loose low ponytail

This looks perfect if you do it imperfectly. It says messier is sometimes the better to do. To create this look just tie a loose ponytail exactly at the collarbone area, take out a few strands of your hair for face framing and loosen the ponytail to create a relaxed and voluminous look.

3. Wavy Ponytail

This is perfect for showcasing your natural waves and some bounce to the hair. If you have wavy hair then you have nothing to do just tie a ponytail and leave your hair as it is. It’s perfect for every occasion and with every outfit. People who have straight hair can create waves by using a curler before tying up a ponytail.

4. Braided Ponytail

This style looks very stylish and versatile too. You can do it in many ways but half-braid is the trendiest. It’s a very easy-to-do style and is getting popular day by day. If you have wavy hair you can do a half-braid ponytail.

5. Retro High Ponytail

This gives a very vintage look done by many celebrities during the 90’s and now this fashion is again coming back. To create this look tie your hair at the top of the head, and use a ribbon or scarf to tie the ponytail for a truly retro look.

6. Ponytail updo

A Ponytail updo looks very stylish and versatile. It’s perfect for every occasion from a wedding to a casual day out. To create this look take half a section of your hair and tie it at the top of the head and then combine the rest of the hair and tie it together but it should be loose with the thin ribbon.

7. Layered ponytail

The Layered ponytail is a versatile hairstyle and perfect for any occasion. To achieve this look you have to add lots of layers so if you do a ponytail it’s visible. Use some hair spray to define your layers and pull out a few strands of your hair in the front to frame your face.

8. The High ponytail

A ponytail gives a statement look, you just need to do a high ponytail with a side fringe and you are good to go. You can experiment with high ponytails doing a sleek high ponytail or a messy high ponytail etc. Women with natural curls can also do this look by using hair products for a smooth finish

9. Short fleecy Ponytail

If you think women who have short hair cannot do ponytails then you are wrong. To create this look what you need to do is gather your hair, tie a low ponytail or a mid ponytail and let the layers roam free. You can lose a few hair strands also around the face to give an effortlessly undone look.

10. Messy Mid- ponytail

A messy mid-ponytail looks relaxed and effortless. It’s good for all hairstyles and lengths. To create this look, gather your hair and tie it and the middle of the head and loosen some of the hair strands around your face to give a messy touch and also to add some definition.

There are a lot of ponytail hairstyles to do, the above are some of them. Style is something that never has boundaries it always excels.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can we do ponytails if we have short hair and are there some specific ways to do the ponytail for short hairs?

Yes, you can do ponytails if you have short hair. A short fleecy ponytail is the best for short hairs. If you are doing a ponytail on short hair always remember not to do a perfect sleek pony rather let the layers roam free and lose some strands of your hair around the face.

What are the ponytail hairstyles for different occasions?

If you are going for formal events you can opt for a high ponytail or bouncy pony.

For weddings, you can do a messy ponytail, retro high ponytail, etc.

How do we prepare our hair to do any styling and how can we maintain the style for a longer period?

First, shampoo your hair properly and then use the hair mask followed by hair serum.

You can use hair gel or hair fix spray to maintain the style as it is.

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