20 Ponytail Hairstyles Which Will Make You Look Amazing in 2024

beautiful ponytail hairstyle

As a black dress never goes out of fashion so is a ponytail hairstyle. It looks nice on all hair types and is appropriate for any generation, the length of the hair whether it’s short, medium, or long. 

You can rely on a ponytail hairstyle for office, or casual parties anywhere and everywhere even if you are wearing a saree you can go with a ponytail. If you are short of time you can easily do this hairstyle. 

Previously, a ponytail hairstyle was meant to be done if you are going to the gym or doing yoga. But now it’s done at special events also as it looks very sleek and stylish. You can also do a braided ponytail to give more creativity to the ponytail. In summer, the ponytail is the most chosen one. 

There are various types of ponytails you will find such as high ponytails, half ponytails, low ponytails, and side ponytails. It’s a very go-to hairstyle with less time and less cost as it does not require any professional hairstylist to do it. There are plenty of ponytail hairstyles some of them are:

1. Retro style ponytail

It gives a very vintage look. It was very popular among the 90’s celebrities. This style is coming back into fashion now. You can leave some of your hair falling on your forehead and take the rest of the hair, tie a high ponytail and turn over your end of the hair with a straightening iron.

2. Loose Low Ponytail

Some people think it’s not a hairstyle as it looks imperfect and messy. But this shows how you can look perfect by doing the imperfect look. You can tie your hair just at the collarbone area, and make sure you pull out some hair in the front of the face.

3. Ponytail with Braids

You can also do a braided ponytail. It looks great on your night dates. If you are on a beach you can try this look. It will look perfect on you. Create this look by doing braids in the front by doing a middle partition or side partition and then tying the rest of the hair.

4. High-side ponytail

It’s perfect if you wear a gown or a boat neck dress. The ponytail falls to the side of the head. It gives a very elegant look. If you wrap hair around the ponytail, it gives a more classy look.

5. Low-side ponytail

This style achieves a more carefree and relaxed version of a higher ponytail. In this, you have to do a low ponytail and just loosely pull your hair on the right side behind the ear.It gives a very cute and girly look best for teenagers.

6. Middle partition ponytail

Making the ideal ponytail choice for your face type can have a significant impact! Here’s how to identify the most flattering one for you. It’s best for the red carpet look. you have to do a middle partition then try a low ponytail and wrap hair around the ponytail.

7. Wavy ponytail 

A wavy ponytail gives a very classy and elegant look. You have to make a soft wave to your hair and then do a ponytail and give volume at the crown.

8. Half up ponytail

This style will never get out of fashion. You have to do a half-pony at the top of the head and leave the rest of the hair forward with bouncy curls. It looks very neat and at the same time stunning. 

9. Side twisted ponytail

If you don’t know how to do braids then you can just twist your hair away from the face by doing a middle partition first on one side and then repeat the process to the other side also. Then do a low ponytail and you are good to go.

10. Super low ponytail

For daily to-day life, it’s very simple and yet stylish. Priyanka Chopra does this style many times. you just have to do a simple ponytail just at the collarbone area and then complete with teasing on the top.

11. Braided ponytail

Making the ideal ponytail choice for your face type can have a significant impact! Here’s how to identify the most flattering one for you. First, do a simple ponytail and just braid the hair as you like, it can be a French braid, fishtail, or the regular braid. This looks stunning if you want your hair properly tied up.

12. Low pony with Half-braids

A low ponytail is simple to do. First, do the braid around half of your hair and do the low ponytail. You can also style up with Fishtail Braids.

13. Vivacious Pony

This ponytail never goes out of fashion. You can do a high pony and wrap some of your hair around the pony to conceal the tied hair.

14. Bow Pony

It’s very simple and can be done quickly. What you have to do is just tie your hair and add a bow around your tied hair to make it girly.

15. Short fleecy ponytail

You can also do a ponytail on short hair so, girls who have short hair need not have to worry this style is perfect for you. Let the short hair fall on your forehead and just do a normal simple pony and you are good to go.

16. Messy Mid-Pony

Between a high and a low ponytail, the sloppy mid-pony is a carefree and easygoing hairstyle. This pony is done not too high and not too low just at the mid. It’s perfect for an everyday look to add some cool factor to your style.

17. French Braid ponytail

You have to do the French braids and then do a simple ponytail. You can add a colorful scarf also to tie the pony.

18. Super sleek pony

It gives a very neat look from the front. You can create drama in your hair by curling your pony to give volume to the ponytail. you can use gel on your pony to smoothen the curls

19. Silky pony

This gives you a neat and straight look. You have to add extra shine to the hair to make this look perfect. So, a good hair oil is a must.

20. Curly pumped-up ponytail

To create this look what you have to do is layer two or three on top of each other and pump up from the back to give volume. It enhances your height and if you have a short forehead then you can opt for this style.

Questions And Answers

How do I maintain my ponytail for a long number of hours?

You should first prep up your hair before doing a ponytail. You should brush your hair properly and avoid frizziness. If required sometimes you can use hair fix spray.

How do I choose which ponytail looks good on my face?

Choosing the right ponytail style that complements your face shape can enhance your overall appearance. First, get to know your hair texture and your face shape then only decide about the styles as every hairstyle does not look good on everybody.

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