Art of Stunning Black Hair Braided Buns

Black Hair Braided Buns

Braided buns are very easy to do and very much comfortable. It protects our hair to some extent from pollution. Braided buns look very stylish. You can do it on any occasion, special events. You can do different types of braided buns which suit your hair type and style. This style can be carried on a day-to-day basis and also while going to the office on any casual day. While you this style be careful when you do the bun as some people do the bun incorrectly and tie it too tight which causes irritation and it is also the cause of baldness. So, when you do the buns do it very correctly. There are some types of braided buns which are as follows:

1. Braided messy bun 

This looks very natural and effortless. It does not require any kind of expertise or a hairstylist. To create this look, braid your hair loosely and do an imperfect bun. You can do a high bun or a low bun whatever suits you the most. To give a natural and stylish look you can leave some strands of your hair in the front.

2. French Braid Bun

To create this look you can do a French braid by parting from the front of your head to the back then at the end wrap it and make a bun. You can add some accessories like hair pins to give a beautiful look. This style is evergreen and can never go out of style.

3. Vintage Braided Bun

It’s a very simple yet elegant style. To create this look you can just braid your hair into a single braid and wrap it around to create a bun and also add some hair pins to secure the bun. It’s a very vintage style people used to do earlier in day-to-life.

4. Braided Top Bun

This type of style is good for work or when you are too busy and can’t manage your hair. It can be done by braiding your hair up to the top of your head and at the top just wrap it and make a bun. It’s very simple and easy to do.

5. Dutch Braided bun

This is very simple and does not require much time. To create this look, part your hair into two, do the braiding process, and then wrap the hair at last to make a bun. You can make tight braids or loosen them according to your preference. The variation of two braids into a bun is like icing on the cake.

6. Low Bun With Braid

The bun is done exactly at the collarbone area. It can be done by braiding at the end of the ponytail and then wrapping it to make a bun. You can add some hair accessories to enhance the look of yours. Leave some strands of your hair at the front to frame your face and it will be more natural if the bun is messier.

7. Braided Side Bun

This hairstyle can be done by yourself, no need to go to the hairstylist. What you have to do is make a side ponytail wrap the braided hairs into a bun at one side of the head and add some hair clips to secure the bun. You can also do a side braid and add it to the bun.

8. Space Buns with Braids

This style looks cute and that is why it is not suitable for any office events. To create this look do a middle partition and then braid your hair to make a bun at the top of the head. It gives a very classic look and is comfortable to carry.

9. Braided Bun Updo

It’s perfect for any occasion whether it’s a Wedding or any festival. You can create this look by braiding the hair and then wrapping the ends around to make a bun. If your hair is thin then it’s perfect for you as it adds volume to the hair. You can do it in simpler form or complex it, totally depending upon your creativity.

10. Two Bun braided hairstyles

To create this look braid the hair into cornrows and wrap the hairs into two buns. You can make a high or a low bun depending on you or even you can do the buns on the sides to add creativity and design to the look. This look is generally carried by the Africans. 

Styles are improved and invented with time. Every single day styles are changing so nothing is permanent. The above are some hairstyles for braided buns. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. If I have short hair can I go with braided buns and which types of braids will suit me?

Yes, you can do braided buns but use hair extensions. Try to make cornrows braids. It will be easy for short hair to make.

2. What are things we should keep in mind before doing braided buns?

First, prep your hair before doing braided buns. You should wash your hair properly and then apply a hair mask followed by a serum. This will help your style to stay longer and make your hair look healthy.

3. What type of braided buns will look good if you are going to the beach or any other casual occasion?

You can do messy braided buns or braided side buns for a beach or any other casual occasion.

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