10 Stunning Choppy Medium Hairstyles For Different Face Shapes

choppy medium hairstyle

Are you bored of the typical traditional haircuts, then try choppy medium hairstyles which look good on most face shapes. This hairstyle is super fun and fascinating to do. Choppy medium hairstyles suit women who have thick hair although this haircut gives you a voluminous look. It is very low maintenance as you don’t need any styling products, you are also good to go. It is perfect for summer or any hot place because sometimes hair is like a burden if we move to any hot place so this cut is manageable in those areas. This hairstyle resembles how sporty and adventurous you are! It looks good on medium. Here are 10 Frivolous Choppy Medium Hairstyles For Different Face Shapes:

Choppy Medium Hairstyle for oval face

Choppy Medium hairstyles are a perfect option for those women who have an oval face. It adds volume and texture to the hair and maintains the natural look.You can do fringes to just make the forehead look a little bit shorter without disturbing the natural look.You can do hairstyles like:

1. Choppy long bob 

 It looks good on almost all faces but it looks perfect on an oval face. It adds texture to the hair without affecting the balance of the face.Its a perfect way to add volume and texture to the hair especially for those who have oval faces.

2. Beachy waves with heavy layers

It gives a very soft and feminine effect. This look is very suitable for those who want a carefree and casual look. It adds texture and volume to the hair and perfect for all hair types curly, straight, or wavy.

Choppy Medium Hairstyle for round face

Choppy medium hairstyle is very favourable for round faces.A round face is easily recognizable, it has identical width and length. It helps to widen and add definition to the face shape.

3. Choppy long layered bob

 This cut is suitable for round faces. It’s best for those who want to opt for long-length hair but still look stylish and manageable. The layers add volume, and texture to the hair and also help to enlarge the face.

4. Side-swept Bangs with choppy ends

Choppy ends add texture and movement to the hair. It is easy to style but gives a sophisticated look. It is of high maintenance and you have to frequently get your hair trimmed to keep in shape.

Choppy Medium Hairstyle for Square face

It helps to soften the jawline and widen the face. This person’s face looks square-shaped and has a wide forehead. This carefree style adds texture and movement to the hair.

5. Angled Bob with Long Layers

It’s perfect for those women who want a feminine look. This looks very stylish and the long layers, volume, and texture of the hair. It’s low maintenance and there is no need to go to the salon regularly to trim your hair.

6. Side-parted waves with choppy hair

Side-parting of hair can help to improve your jawline structure. The choppy hair adds movement, texture, and volume to the hair.

Choppy Medium Hairstyle for Long face

7. Blunt cut with feathered Bangs

It is suitable for long faces as Feathered bangs help to soften the jawline whereas blunt cuts help to widen the face. This haircut looks good with straight and wavy hair. The hairstyle gives a very sophisticated and clean look as it creates a straight line at the end.

8. Chin-length bob cut with textured ends

This haircut is done exactly at the level of the chin. It looks good on all hair types. If you have a very short face avoid taking this cut. It’s best to opt if you want stylish yet manageable hair.Its textured ends can add width to the long 

face. It is less cost-effective and easily manageable.

Choppy Medium Hairstyle for Heart-shaped face

Heart-shaped people have a pointy chin, wider forehead and a stand-out cheek bone.

9. Blunt cut with face-framing layers

This hairstyle is suitable for those women who want an edgy and easy-to-maintain look. It will look good on straight and wavy hair. The blunt cut helps to widen a long face and can soften the jawline. Face framing helps to add texture to the hair.

10. Choppy Bangs with medium length

This style helps to balance out the wider forehead and pointy chin. The choppy layers add volume around the cheekbones. These layers make the hair thicker and voluminous. It’s easy to style with low maintenance and minimal styling.

These are some of the popular haircuts that are mentioned above and many more come as style never ends.


1. How cost-effective are these haircuts?

Many of the styles do not require high maintenance except a few, so no need to go to the salon frequently.

2. Is there any haircut that is best for a heart-shaped face?

You can opt for a Blunt cut with face framing layers, and choppy bangs with medium length.

3. How many times should we go to trim our hair?

You can visit the salon to get your hair trimmed after 8 weeks.

4. If you have a wide forehead then which style can you opt for?

You can opt for Angled Bob with Long Layers, Side-parted waves with choppy hair and some more.

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